Monday, June 25, 2007

Diaphanous Wisps of Life

It is rather nice when someone offers you, as a small testimonial, those restaurant gift cards. One can live it up at little or no cost in a place one would not likely choose if it weren't for the free-o card. So today, off we went, with plastic meal tickets in my sweaty paw.

On the way the hugeness of a June afternoon was breathtaking. The trees swayed in the warm sunshine and cool breeze. Wildflowers were scattered across the landscape and the sky was a giant bowl of sapphire and the only clouds were a few diaphanous wisps of cotton. A daytime half-moon looked down upon the tender earth with great and motherly love and a small herd of cows grazed on the hill.

"My heart is like wax."

In the restaurant we were seated among the din of chatter, clanking china and beautiful women. Platters of fancy food were everywhere. Our waitress arrived.

She was young and her eyes were bright and innocent and gave off a glow of kindness. She was quick and modest and glided around silently on secret feet. Her hair was pulled back and as she bent to her task I noticed her small, fine earrings of pearl and the diaphanous wisps of hair on her cheek.

"My heart is like wax."

The meal proceeded in all its grandiosity and deserts were slung and hand clapping happy birthdays were sung and beautiful women shrieked and cackled with laughter. Outside the window summer blew by like a brass band.

Within the hugeness and grandiosity of life it is the diaphanous wisps that draw my attention. Innocent eyes, a lovely smile, a kind gesture or a cup of tea on a chilly night. For all the drudgery and trouble in life it is these tender moments that we must grab and allow their sad beauty to melt our hearts.


Eric Valentine said...

Well my friend, yet another wonderful piece of writing. I really enjoyed that story as I have come to enjoy all you write.

You have a way of reaching out and touching that defies time. Well done.

BTW.. Its good to see you back after your noticable absence. :)

jg said...

speaking as a student, no food tastes quite as delicious as free food
thanks for the story

Eric Valentine said...

BG I'm wondering when you R going to give us another story? I C U around commenting at times and I just wonder my friend.

Stay well..

Eric Valentine said...

Hope things R ok with you BG, it's been awhile since I saw you about. Take care.

Andrew said...


I don't know why I haven't bookmarked you. Blog overload I guess. Anyways, I bookmarked you and hope to read more. You are very talented!!! I could learn something about writing by reading you.

Thanks for your comment today. It is nice to know someone else escaped the grasp of psychiatric drugs. It is going to be a major battle for me though with regards to my father and family.

Take care and keep writing! It's inspiring to say the least!

Eric Valentine said...

I know you are out there BG hope you have a happy holiday time..

MICKY said...

Dear Blue,
"Love never fails. But where there are propheccies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."
1 Corinthians 14:1